About Michael meech

Wizards, witches, mythical creatures, gnarly monsters, fairies and travellers, captured in a quiet spot or on the move. Out of sight from the hustle and bustle of our modern life, occupying that space between our dreams and reality……

My passion is for the fantastic and the obscure brought into being in sculpture.



My ceramic sculptures are crafted in porcelain which is well known to be a challenging material to work with. However, the surface texture, colour and subtle way light reflects is beautiful and in my eyes stand above all other clay materials.

Each model starts with a hand thrown base. The base is allowed to dry to a soft leather stage before my makers marks and additional supports are added as necessary. The main body of the model is then hand formed and built in place on the base, refining forms, muscular definition and adding much of the detail as it progresses. Once the main construction is complete final adjustments and additional details are added. This process is usually over several days with the material dried in the air or ‘held back’ under polythene as the particular section of work demands.

Each model is then air dried slowly over a few weeks before bisque fired to around 1000 degs C. Slowly cooled and light wash of black porcelain slip is applied which is then mostly removed. The model is then ‘glaze’ fired again in an electric kiln to around 1230 degs C to complete the sculpture. Many of my sculptures are supplied complete with a wooden box and certificate of Authenticity


The mixed media sculptures generally start with an aluminium wire frame set into a wooden base. The main structure of the sculpture is then built up using a two-pack epoxy clay with a variety of other material used as necessary. Each sculpture is then hand painted using both an airbrush and traditional brushes with automotive water-based paints and sealed with a clear top coat.




If you would like to become an owner of my art, you can purchase direct, see me at one of my future exhibitions.